Family Resilience Through Financial Security

This is the image of a computer monitor and  displays a picture of the Community LifeRAFT product.
This is an image of the Community LifeRaft product.

Community LifeRAFT provides rich data stories and visualization dashboards using US Census Decennial and economic data sets to understand the demographic structure, identify financial vulnerabilities and explore community financial resilience metrics.

Strength In Numbers



Meaningful Research

With Community LifeRAFT reduce your research time and provide informative quantitative data that will help your organization plan, prepare, and help drive meaningful change in your community. Create qualified representations with data sets representing or comparing your community with others. Choose a community - either by State, County, Town/City, or by Census tract  - to begin…


Versatile Visualizations

Select criteria and data set compilations that focus on telling a story with measurements most applicable to your community. The visualizations are customizable for metropolitan to small communities. Modify information overlays from household or community structures to natural disasters and climate change to provide specific insight or model future outcomes for planning purposes.


Building better bridges...

Close the gaps between knowing what the numbers mean to provide practical, informative solutions that build stronger communities from the inside out. Community LifeRAFT helps advocates address the audience in terms that are easy to communicate and understand with either data stories or dashboard models.

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Community LIfeRAFT Logo
Community LIfeRAFT Logo
Community LIfeRAFT Logo


Data Dashboard

What is Resilience?


Resilience is the ability of an individual, family, or community to deal with shocks and crises.


👉 Census Bureau data helps connect the variables which impact resilience

👉 Risk factors are known to  reduce resilience

👉 More detail than poverty line alone.


 Explore this map to illustrate where people in communities across the United States are affected by one or more of the following values:

  • zero (0) Risk Factors,

  • one or two (1-2) Risk Factors,

  • and three or more (3+) Risk Factors.

...out of a total of ten (10) identified Risk Factors.


This is an image of the Community LifeRAFT tool. It is in grey-scale and links to the ArcGIS tool.

Click on the image below to view visualizations for your community.

Data Story


What are the Ten Risk Factors?


In the coming weeks, Community LifeRAFT team members will be analyzing the ten risk factors connected with reduced resilience as measures specified in the 2019 American Community Survey. Visualizations will be available through the Harvard ArcGIS dashboard, and data stories developed in response to community advocate needs and feedback received in product testing interviews. 

These are the ten measures Community LifeRAFT will address are known as 'Risk Factors,' and these include:

  1. Income to Poverty Ratio

  2. Single or Zero Caregiver Household

  3. Crowding

  4. Communication Barrier

  5. Households without Full-time, Year-round Employment

  6. Disability

  7. No Health Insurance

  8. Age 65+

  9. No Vehicle Access

  10. No Broadband Internet Access


Community LifeRaft

The Team
This is an icon and it defines the subsection titled, The Team.
This is an icon and it defines the subsection titled, The Team.

Community LifeRAFT is the work of four Harvard University (HES, HGSD) students - Claudia Molina, Alan Tebuev, Jody Elizabeth Trumbull and Filip Wodnicki with advisory support from Kim Albrecht with Harvard’s metaLAB and The Opportunity Project of the United States Census Department. The research was conducted under the Harvard metaLAB as part of the  US Census TOP Sprint in Fall 2021.

The team is grateful to Harvard metaLAB - especially Kim Albrecht, Lins Derry, and Lucas Chu, Leo Guyshan @ the Harvard Innovation Labs & WIX,  Harvard Professor Bakhtiar Mikhak Ph.D., the US Census data stewards, User Advocates - Lynne Algrant, Thomas Juarez, Darcell Streeter, Dr. Martha Lagace, and Digital Accessibility @Harvard for your generous support and guidance. 

This is an icon and it defines the subsection titled, The Vision.
This is an icon to define the subsection titled, The Vision.
The Vision

Community LifeRAFT (Resilience and Financial Toolkit) combines data from US Census to help decision makers boost neighborhood economic resilience.

The Process
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This is an icon and it is used to define a subsection titled, The Process.

The Community LifeRAFT Project combines data sets from the US Decennial Census, the American Community Survey 2019,  and Community Resilience Estimates to produce rich visualizations and stories utilizing the Harvard ArcGIS tool. Currently, the team is working with a limited geographic area in experimentation with a project user advocate.


We are currently seeking other pilot communities to test the product. If you are a user advocate interested in engaging with our data tool, please get in touch with us at or by the link below.


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